The fortune to be born in Venice, a city rich in traditions and beauty, it has allowed me to develop a keen sense of aesthetics, which from time to time I try to apply in my creations.



I started experimenting with illustration and craft from an early age, and since then, I have always felt the need to improve myself and the desire to create new products or illustrate news stories. 

Thus I decided to make my passion be my life, studying design, first in Italy and then in Sweden.

Through my studies, I learned a lot of knowledge and met people who have taught me how to work and made me develop the functionality and aesthetics of my ideas.


Having worked in two design studios, I have contributed to the realisation of several projects that are now in the market. During my two years as a young designers collaborator, I've worked with full-size models using metal, plastic and wood, scale models and countless 3D models and renderings.



Native italian but Sweden based.