HDK Product / 2015



With this project I won the 1°Prize "HDK Give Away Product", and the University is now taking this product in production. 


To design this small product has been both a really interesting and a difficult task.

The goal was to design a product that was easy and cheap, but that could represent the HDK Gothenburg university as a whole. The latter requirement, in particular, took me a long reflection and deep research of what are the essential characteristics of HDK.

I began writing down all the words that I could connect to the school. Design, craft, abstract thinking, technical knowledge and many others.


I divided all these concept-words into two groups. On one side I had all the “open-mind” good sides that HDK offer; deep researches, abstract ideas and design thinking. I decided to translate these words into a soft, circular, curved appearance. On the other side, I had all the technical knowledge; workshop technical skills and theoretical courses. I connected them with rationality so straightness and essentiality.